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It's Slow Growing

I love my greenhouse. I was so thrilled when my husband won the bid at an estate sale late last summer, but the learning curve has been steep. I have a heater and automatic vent opener to help regulate temperature. I was not, however, prepared to have a 118 degree greenhouse in February when my seedlings were just starting to germinate. Needless to say, things FRIED! So with some reseeding and plan Bs things are still moving forward, albeit slowly. Not only did the temps throw me off but the cold, wet, overcast weather is also slowing progress. Without the sun the greenhouse doesn't get quite so warm and there is also less energy for the plants to photosynthesize. Growth on my 5 week old seedlings is less than optimal. At this time of year, I feel very impatient to see things grow and plant things out. Strangely enough, checking on my seedlings 4 times a day doesn't seem to quell this impatience! I have learned that growing in a greenhouse is more than an outdoor grow room or a warm place for your seedlings to grow, it is much more in-step with nature than I thought.

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