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The Care and Keeping of Cut Flowers

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Follow these instructions to keep your blooms fresh for longer. Remember, it may take a couple days for your flowers to fully open.

1. Choose any vessel you like. It could be a beautiful heirloom vase or tin can, whichever is handy. Make sure it is clean (enough that you would drink from it)

2. Fill your vessel with cold water and 1 packet of flower food

3. Unwrap your bouquet and remove rubber bands

4. Trim stems to fit the height of your vase

5. Remove any leaves that may sit below the water

7. Arrange flowers (or not!)

8. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat

9. MOST IMPORTANT STEP FOR FRESH FLOWERS: Replace water every 1-2 days with cool, clean water. Flower food packets or homemade flower food (see below for an easy recipe) are beneficial, but not necessary.

10. Remove individual stems once blooms are spent

11. Enjoy your stunning bouquet!

Homemade flower food:
1 quart cold water
2 Tbsp vinegar, lime juice or lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp bleach

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