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What is a Flower Farm?

Much like a produce farm, a flower farm grows and sells seasonal fresh flowers. All of the flowers sold by Voss Farms Cut Flowers are grown with roots in the ground here in Genoa, Illinois. Many are started from seed or planted as a bulb or bare root using native soil and our Midwest climate to grow beautiful blooms. For this reason, local flower farms are just as seasonal as your backyard garden or local farm stand. The flowers in each arrangement and bouquet is a direct reflection of the current season. Just like the long awaited taste of a fresh grown summer tomato, each week comes with the excitement of the next flush of flowers that heralds, "It is time!"
Unfortunately, sometimes even when it is time Mother Nature says otherwise. Unseasonable weather, a strong storm, swarms of bugs or hungry critters can be detrimental to a flower crop. Tending plants and ensuring their survival is a top priority to ensure only the best make the "cut" (pun intended).
When it's time to harvest, each variety of flower has a different prime time to cut. To ensure the longest vase life and enjoyment for you, this means some of the flowers in arrangements and bouquets are still in bud form and may take a couple days for them to open fully. There is something special about watching blooms come to life before your very eyes.
Unfortunately, all things must come to an end and we must wait for the next growing year to see our favorites again. This also means that winter is a time for planning and ordering seeds and supplies for the coming year. As the old saying goes, "distance makes the heart grow fonder," and once that season returns the excitement for the return of your favorite bloom is renewed.

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